About Total Therapy London

At Total Therapy we bring you the best of London’s premier therapists to cover a vast array of treatments. We pride ourselves on delivering the absolute highest quality service with a genuine passion for our jobs. We endeavour to provide an enhanced treatment experience , with all our therapists being multifaceted in their training and techniques. The result is a diverse range of treatment options at your finger tips.

  • About Us

    As a physiotherapist and clinical Pilates specialist I have a strong belief in movement as medicine. Not just for physical health but mental and emotional health as well. From physical rehabilitation, to functional fitness, core strength and massage ; so many facets of therapy impact SO many facets of our health. I use a total mind and body approach to my practice in the art of physiotherapy

    I work with patients across all cultures, genders, capabilities and capacities to restore full health in all spheres. Once 'fixed' I work closely with and encourage everyone to do everything they can to maintain their body to prevent further breakdowns.

    Jo Knock,
    Managing Director

  • Our Philosohpy

    At Total therapy we believe in unique bespoke therapy, carefully crafted for the individual. In addition to accurate diagnostics and treatment, all our therapists have your wellbeing in their hands and take this responsibility seriously.

    We believe in empowering you, our patients to be independent in your own rehabilitation which involves equipping you with the correct tools to add to your tool box, rather than relying on therapy hands all the time.

    Our goal is to explain your injury or pathology as clearly as possible, so you can have a thorough understanding of what is going on.

    Our experience has taught us that this knowledge equips you with the drive to achieve your goals, as you have ownership on your treatment.We have knowledge at our fingertips and treatment products available to you which will accelerate your recovery, keep it fun and challenging and enhance your overall experience at Total Therapy.

  • Why Us?

    In this day and age we are so stressed, busy and over run with life that we only 'fix' our body once broken, rather than maintain it. Think of your car, your teeth etc, do you get regular check ups to ensure you have no scary issues hidden behind the scenes ready to blow up at any moment? Or do you just wait for the explosion and try to pick up the pieces after?


    At Total Therapy we believe in grandma’s saying of a stitch in time saves nine. Our team are experts in health and body work. Not only if you have an injury or surgery and need physiotherapy care to recuperate, but also in the maintenance and strengthening of our wonderful bodies in order to prevent breakdown.


    We only have one body - what are you doing day to day, week to week, to 'maintain' your body to help it be the most efficient machine possible? Too many people wait for the explosion and then it is the health care clinician's responsibility to 'fix' the patient.

  • What We Do


    Total Therapy brings you premier therapists to cover an extensive range of treatments. We pride ourselves on delivering the absolute highest quality service with a genuine passion for our jobs. Our treatments are aimed at restoring or maintaining movement, mobility and function. At Total Therapy you will find our multi skilled therapists incorporating a vast array of therapies to achieve these aims.


    Clinical Pilates is a method of specific exercise which has evolved from traditional Pilates with the input of physiotherapists and evidence based research into a rehabilitation tool to train the body's deep postural muscles known as the core muscle group. At Total Therapy we have a strong belief in movement as medicine and empowering you with strength of pain free movement.


    The benefits of strength and functional training include stronger muscles, improved posture, the provision of better support for joints, and can reduce the risk of injury from everyday activities. Additionally some physical disabilities can be avoided especially any associated with falls. Weight-bearing exercise also helps to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Our Mission

    We see a gap in the world of premium health care and rehabilitation. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a name synonymous with this level of care, so that no matter where in the world you are, Total Therapy is there.

    The brand you have come to know, trust and love.

    So if you see a fabulous physiotherapist at Total Therapy in London, and you take a ski trip to Switzerland and rupture your ACL on the slopes, you can take yourself along to Total Therapy in the Alps where you can trust in the name to provide you with gold standard care – no matter where in the world you are.

    You know if you stay at a Park Hyatt you can’t go wrong, and if you are looking for the best in gym services and classes you would find Fitness First at the top of your list.

    So too, would we like to create awareness of premium therapy care being instantly correlated with Total Therapy as soon as you embark on your rehabilitation journey.

  • What Patients Say

    "Jo treated me in 2013 for an IT band problem and really went above and beyond to get me running again. Her detailed knowledge as a physio was invaluable, not only in terms of the treatment itself, but also in developing a rehabilitation programme and in analysing/improving my running technique. Around two months after treatment I was able to complete a 30-mile ultramarathon – without Jo’s help I probably wouldn’t have even made it to the start line."

    Tom Stevens

    "I went to see Jo after ongoing problems following a serious knee injury from playing international rugby and consequently suffering ongoing pain in my foot for over a year. After treatment and advice from her I have been back running successfully since and achieving new training goals pain free for the first time in years!
    Jo was incredibly supportive through my rehab and not only was incredibly skilful with her treatment, she conducted herself with utmost professionalism.
    I would highly recommend Jo to any friends, colleagues and fellow athletes.


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